Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big and Little Craft Fairs

Hey there!  How's everybody?

This weekend was a big craft weekend for me.  On Friday afternoon, a friend and I went to the American Craft Council Show at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Elena Rosenberg of Tickled Pink Knits
We've gone for the past 3 years together and have a really good time.  This year's show was so much better than the last.  There were many more exhibitors and the fibre arts were well represented.  I saw a couple of booths with knitted items but only 1 booth that had crochet and it was actually wire jewelry.  The gal with the jewelry was talking to another customer so I really didn't get to talk to her or even grab a card.  I was so disappointed.  I have been trying to remember her name but it's just not happening.  I did drool at Elena Rosenberg's booth for her shop "tickled pink".  She had some really gorgeous things.

That was the big craft fair.  As for the little, well that is on Saturday, March 31st at our local high school.  This will be my second craft fair and I've been working on baby blankets, purses and teddy bears.  I was greatly inspired by many booths at the convention center and I'm keeping it much more simple this time around.  I also started a Pinterest board  to help me keep track of things I've seen online that I really to keep in mind.  I keep seeing banners (or bunting as it's also called) in booths online so I decided to crochet  some for mine.  Here's some of the latest items.

Thanks for stopping by again.  Hope you have a great crochet day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warning! This post has no value

Hi all! Just thought I'd warn you, ya know, that this post will be all about me. So if your perceived value is learning more about a new friend or how things are moving in my world, well read on. But if you like posts that are well thought out and leave you with a new crafty trick, well this ain't Martha's house.
I've been trying to become more of a part of the "craft community" and do all the right things and say all the right words but it became a bit too much for me to handle while maintaining a full-time paying job. I was also starting to feel like I had to dedicate 3+ hours every night "keeping up with crafty Kat" and it started to cut into my crochet time. Don't get me wrong, I love reading all the great crochet blogs and commenting on them. But my "day" job is working on a computer all day long and coming home to sit and be on the computer instead of holding yarn and crocheting was making me nuts. And then I would start to feel guilty for not reading! Oh how my Catholic guilt can kick in!!! So will you forgive me if I don't drop by every day? Will you drop by to see me here?
If the answer is "yes", I will feel honored. Thank you.
And while I've been away, I was working on these;

I am Human and I Crochet

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