Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Catching Up

Wow!  Seriously?  It's been a full year since I posted?  I guess so.  We just got back from bringing the girl back up to Syracuse for her 3rd year.  Wohoo!!  She's loving it and having a good time so that makes me a happy momma.

As for what has been on my hook.  Well, things were slow for a little while but have been picking up again.  I finished some WIPs and just made some small, easy, quick projects to get my fingers nimble again.  Then I decided to start on a 'Tree of Life' afghan for a friends wedding in December.  I love stretching my crochet efforts and have been wanting to work something with cables.
Sweater for a friends toddler

Small afghan made from scraps
Finally finished curtain from last year's trip

Teddy the Bear

Infinity scarf of gray and yellow wool
Beginning of Tree of Life Afghan
Sweater for me - AUGH! Does not fit properly

 We also adopted another dog (yes, I'm crazy).  He's a boy lab mix and is truly a handful.  And ran a couple of really fun races. On top of working full-time and running the gym, I guess I know why I haven't posted.  Here's more pics of what I've been doing.  Promise to see you all more soon.

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