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Catching Up

Wow!  Seriously?  It's been a full year since I posted?  I guess so.  We just got back from bringing the girl back up to Syracuse for her 3rd year.  Wohoo!!  She's loving it and having a good time so that makes me a happy momma.

As for what has been on my hook.  Well, things were slow for a little while but have been picking up again.  I finished some WIPs and just made some small, easy, quick projects to get my fingers nimble again.  Then I decided to start on a 'Tree of Life' afghan for a friends wedding in December.  I love stretching my crochet efforts and have been wanting to work something with cables.

 We also adopted another dog (yes, I'm crazy).  He's a boy lab mix and is truly a handful.  And ran a couple of really fun races. On top of working full-time and running the gym, I guess I know why I haven't posted.  Here's more pics of what I've been doing.  Promise to see you all more soon.

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