Thursday, September 6, 2018

I am Human and I Crochet

This morning while perusing my FB feed I came across a video from the Craft Yarn Council called "Humans That Yarn".  Not sure about the title but that's beside the point.  I watched it and remembered why I like to blog.  Part of it is throwing my voice out into the internet in a positive way.  The more exciting realization is that blogging forces me to explore crochet and the fiber arts. 

On different social media, I subscribe to several yarn companies, the Craft Yarn Council, and the Crochet Guild of America but only give them a cursery glance most of the time.  Today the Craft Yarn Council had this great video to start their new campaign for "I Love Yarn Day" on October 13, 2018.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  I'm heading over to their website to read more about each person in the video.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

4 Years Is A Long Time

This post is for me.  I'm sure I've lost anyone whoever actually came by once upon a time.  But that's ok.  I've been crocheting and crocheting none-the-less.  I used to think I would love to make a living as a blogger about my craft but it still comes second to a "real" full time job and I'm not a good writer.  I like to think I'm like Mark Twain, using a more casual writing style but that diminishes Mark Twain's writing and creativity.  ha ha   I'm me and today I will start to blog about my latest crochet projects.

This is a new shawl I've started.  I'm using yarn that I've had in my stash for years.  Yes, years.  It's just been sitting there waiting patiently for the perfect idea to strike.  Then, the other day while searching for patterns I saw something that made me stop and just know that I had the perfect yarn for this project.  It's taking a little more concentration than normal but I can't wait to see how it turns out.  I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Catching Up

Wow!  Seriously?  It's been a full year since I posted?  I guess so.  We just got back from bringing the girl back up to Syracuse for her 3rd year.  Wohoo!!  She's loving it and having a good time so that makes me a happy momma.

As for what has been on my hook.  Well, things were slow for a little while but have been picking up again.  I finished some WIPs and just made some small, easy, quick projects to get my fingers nimble again.  Then I decided to start on a 'Tree of Life' afghan for a friends wedding in December.  I love stretching my crochet efforts and have been wanting to work something with cables.
Sweater for a friends toddler

Small afghan made from scraps
Finally finished curtain from last year's trip

Teddy the Bear

Infinity scarf of gray and yellow wool
Beginning of Tree of Life Afghan
Sweater for me - AUGH! Does not fit properly

 We also adopted another dog (yes, I'm crazy).  He's a boy lab mix and is truly a handful.  And ran a couple of really fun races. On top of working full-time and running the gym, I guess I know why I haven't posted.  Here's more pics of what I've been doing.  Promise to see you all more soon.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wonderful Wool

Last week I took a great road trip.  My daughter is enrolled in Syracuse University in New York and she and I drove from South Carolina to New York with a stop in Maryland to visit friends.  We had a great time and as much as I loved having wonderful alone time with my girl, I had a very needed adventure a couple of days later.
One of my coworkers owns a beautiful 100+ year old inn in Vermont.  He invited me to come up and spend a couple of days at their bed and breakfast.  It was AMAZING!! Of course I brought my crochet. I sat in the yard all day and soaked up the sun, view and beautiful peaceful quiet.
The 2nd day I was there I took a bit of a drive and visited Green Mountain Spinnery.  I bought some lovely green cotton/wool blend yarn, some buttons and as an after thought a spool of undyed wool. I'm so excited about the spool and the way the natural coloring of the sheep comes through. I might need to ask my friend to pick up more for me.  :)
I hope your summer was nice and I'll leave you with more pics from my fabulous two days in gorgeous Vermont at the Three Mountain Inn.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Expanding Horizons

I have worked for a company for over 12 years now.  That company used to pride itself on the value of "constantly learning to better ourselves".   That kind of "learn, so you become a better person" type of thinking always put me off.  "I'm already a good person!" I think to myself and feel the unintended resentment begin.  But recently I read an article where the author made me look at "learning" in a new light.  To paraphrase, she said "Learning allows you to shed your "expert" role, become a newbie again and make mistakes along the way."  Wow! I loved it!!   So in the spirit of learning I decided to expand my horizons into new projects.
Are you feeling like a newbie?  


Wearable sweater for me

Filet crochet

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 5 - A New Kind of Post - 4KCBWDAY5

Hi everyone!

I decided to do a little video on a trick I'm using to get beads onto yarn without using a crochet hook.  Just last week I started my first bead and crochet project and was completely depressed when I found that some beads would not fit onto my crochet hook.  Well, since today's post is supposed to be doing the blog in a new format, I'll let you see what I do instead of writing about it!  I want to add that this was my first go with video and couldn't figure out the whole video editing thing, sorry.  :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 4 - Color Me Curious

Day 4 of Knitting and Crochet Blog (4KCWBDAY4) week has me reflecting on the colors I like to use in my crochet project. When I think about color and crochet I usually think of bright and cheerful colors that evoke fun and merriment. Colors that Helen, from Helen's Colourful Crochet Bloguses. I love the aqua, the pinks, the bright cheery colors she uses.

Helen's Colourful Crochet Blog
Then I start to think of the colors I use; creams, navy, dark green, and reds. Hmmmmm I know I need to branch out and move into a more exciting palette. Let's check my Ravelry project page for colors.

Ha ha - Just as I thought. Lot's of navy, green, cream and I apparently think a golden yellow is a "crazy" fun color because it's the only pop of color around. The colors definitely embody my house mascot as a manatee. They are unflashy and comfortable colors that don't exactly make you want to jump up and dance around. :)
Even this week I'm trying to get more "peacock" like by using beads in my work for the first time but what base color do I choose? Cream.....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 3 - My blog in words

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day Two - A Mascot Project


So today for the 2nd day of Knitting and Crochet Blog week I want to try to explain how I come up with a project that will reflect my house mascot.  Since I'm not the most original when it comes to my crochet, I don't design my own patterns.  I tend to look for inspiration at my favorite place on the web, Ravelry.
Once logged on, I always head to the "Pattern" search. I start by typing different words that evoke the feeling or memory of something into the search text box   For my mascot, the manatee, I started with the word "splash" and saw what came up.

The variety of things that came up are interesting.  I love the scarf color and pattern of the stitches but since I'm not a fan of wearing them I kept looking.  The blanket with the whale caught my eye. How cute is that?  Should I make an afghan that would evoke the feelings of being overturned in the water?  Should I make it round like that?  Maybe something that would evoke waves?  And with that I'm off.  I will scroll through pages and pages of results looking at the yarn, the colors and thinking of what techniques I haven't done.
I found lots of different ideas that made me think of my manatee experience without making a stuffed animal. :)  Here are a couple of ideas.

I've never made a piece clothing for myself so the vest and the shrug are something I think I should make.  I love the wrap as something that could be done quickly and could have a fabulous drape with a bamboo yarn.   The afghan would also be simple to make and could be made with colors that could look like the green, blues and white of the water.

I have two hanks of Navy blue cotton that I think would be wonderful for the shrug but may make it too heavy. Maybe I'll use it for the wrap? You'll have to come back later to see what I've decided.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week - Day One: The House Cup

Hi all!

I'm so excited to be a part of this year's Knitting and Crochet Blog Week initiated by Mimi over at Eskimimi Makes.  For day 1 we are to choose our "House", like my favorite wizarding school!  How could I not love that idea?  Mimi came up with 4 great houses but I have to say that as soon as I saw them I knew EXACTLY which one I would sort myself into; even before reading what the mascot symbolized.  After reading all the attributes of the house I still think the one I first saw is perfect for me.  This is my crochet house:


Don'tcha love it! A manatee!!  ha ha ha ...  This is the house for me! 

In July of 2010 me, my hubby and daughter rented a condo in Titusville, Florida that was right on the Indian River Lagoon (Intracoastal Waterway).  We planned to stay a week and catch one of the last Space Shuttle launches.  Sadly, it was postponed and we didn't get to see the launch! Although while we were there we rented 3 kayak's and were able to launch them from the private dock.  We were told there were manatee in the waterway and not to be afraid of them but they are very curious creatures and may actually bump the side of your boat if they are near.

Intracoastal Waterway Sign Florida

Daughter and Husband - Manatee Area
We laughed and said OK we'd watch for them.  The first day we went out we could see the large manatee's a few hundred yards away and we kept our distance.  How totally cool!!!  We watched them float around and see their noses dive up and down.  The second day my hubby and I decided we wanted to get a little closer.  Our daughter was tired and went back to the house but let me keep her camera.  Mike and I were in separate kayaks and floated away from each other, getting closer to the manatees swimming around.  I was so excited I got out the camera and tried to get photos of their noses out of the water.  I noticed 1 manatee saw me and started swimming closer.  Well the closer it got the more I realized how huge these animals really are and my heart started beating a bit faster.  I tried to get Mike's attention to ask what I should do.  Do I sit there and try not to scare it?  Do I start to paddle away?  Mike had drifted some 50 - 60 yards away.  Well, I decided to sit there and try not to scare the animal. Closer, closer, closer.... Wait there is another one coming towards me now too.... And another nose!  Now I count 3 noses in the air swimming closer and a faster.  My heart is now banging away in my chest. I told myself "they won't hurt you, they are just curious, they may just bump the boat".  BUMP! oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OHMYGOSH!  The kayak is wobbling back and forth and back and forth.  And there are 3 huge animals swimming around me.  BUMP!!! again. "I'm ok, I'm ok" I'm telling myself just as BUMP PUSH! one animal bumps my kayak so hard that SPLASH!  I scream and up in the air and over, I go.  At this point I know I'm not in too deep of water (about 4.5 feet) and that I should be able to find the bottom and stand up but.... there are 3 HUGE animals freaking out too and I'm terrified that I'm going to squished between them.  I found the bottom of the river, found my feet and stood up quickly scrambling to get back in the kayak.  My heart is thumping out of my chest, the adrenaline shooting through me has me shaking all over!  I look over and see my husband paddling faster than anything towards me.  He tells me that all he heard and saw was me screaming and a great big area of swirling white water that reminded him of a scene from Jaws.  I couldn't believe what had just happened.  I had inadvertently gone swimming with the manatees!
Now you know why I just had to be in the manatee house!  I feel that manatees and me have a kinship.  We both were curious of each other and the scared the bejeezus out of each other.  ha ha ha

Happy 4KCBWDAY1 everyone and enjoy the knitting and crochet blog love this week!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sherlock Con - 221B con Atlanta

This weekend I'm spending time with my fabulous daughter. She's a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. As a proud mom, I like to point out that she is a fan of the books (the cannon as they say) first and all the new TV and film versions really are a huge plus!
Well this weekend she flew from Syracuse, NY to Atlanta, GA to go to 221b Con. It's a smaller convention of people she follows on the Internet that love all things Sherlock (and some Dr. Who). I was so excited that she didn't mind me tagging along. I have a fabulous kid!

But why am I posting about the con on my crochet blog you ask? Well no matter where I go I can find a yarn store or someone who crochets. :)

I am Human and I Crochet

This morning while perusing my FB feed I came across a video from the Craft Yarn Council called "Humans That Yarn".  Not sure abou...