Friday, August 24, 2012

Crochet In The Car Part 2

On the way home from Syracuse to Maryland I finished another scarf. What am I going to do from Maryland to South Carolina (a 8 hour drive)? Ha ha. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crochet In The Car

Heading up to NY to drop our daughter off at Syracuse Univ. We're doing the drive in stages so we can spend time with friends in Maryland. I decided to create a granny möbius scarf in Syracuse's colors as we go. :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo Catch Up

How's everybody's summer going? I feel like in the past couple of posts I've told to you what I was doing and promised photos but really haven't given you any. So this posits all about pics.

My Olympics Crochet Spot

Hi everyone!
We've just about settled completely into the new house. There are still lots to do though. One of those things on my list is remaking a vintage 30's chest of drawers to become my yarn storage. I'm so excited about it and have thought and thought about what I want to do. I've decided to paint it with a blue coat and then cover that with a cream coat and then sand the cream a bit to show the blue and a bit of the wood for a shabby chic or "new country" look. Below is the before photo of the chest and You'll have to come back to check on my progress. :)

I'm also about 3/4 way through my Sari shawl that I'm making. I'm loving it! I've really gotten a lot done while watching the Olympics this week. My favorite sports to watch have been archery and fencing. Men's fencing is crazy fast so I really can't pay attention and crochet but soccer (football for all you non-US folks) volleyball and basketball all have been great crochet time. At this point you're probably thinking "how in the world do you see all those?". We have TiVo (the original DVR) and I've been tivoing the games. :). My hubby is in Oregon getting our daughter ready to come home for 3 weeks before she heads up to Syracuse Univ. at the end of Aug. and since he's been gone, I sit in my new spot turn on the TiVo and crochet away!!!!

Hey speaking of things to do... Are any of you going to the Knit and Crochet Show in Reno in September? I told myself I was going this year and I registered this week and booked my air and hotel. Yes! I hope to meet some of you and hang out and learn with other like minded people.
Take care!
With love,
Auntie Becky

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