A Crocheter For All Seasons? - 3KCBWDAY4

Wow, we've made it to day 4 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week (3KCBWDAY4).  I really hope you like what you've read so far.  Today's challenge is to look through our completed projects and explain how the seasons affect what we create and when.
I really didn't have to look through my projects, I know the seasonal weather makes me want to crochet full size afghans and lap blankets.  I love to watch football and be covered with a great blanket that I'm creating.
When the weather starts to warm up again I don't want to be working with lots of yarn and heavy blankets and it seems that the babies are usually on the way.  :)  So I move to smaller blankets, toys and purses.


  1. I love the plaid patterned afghans. I have made one in the past but I didn't really like how it turned out. Did you create the pattern?

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for coming by. The plaid blankets aren't my pattern. I got it out of one of the first Leisure Arts books I bought a long time ago, called " Afghans for all Seasons". Isn't that ironic. ;)

    2. Ironic indeed! The leisure Arts books are great!! I'm always looking out for the outdated copies at book sales and such. Thanks for the Title, i'll be looking for that one.

  2. I love all of your choices of colors for blankets, they're beautiful! And all of your smaller projects are so cute :) And I just realized you're only about an hour and a half away from me so hello neighbor! I'm down in northern virginia, sterling area!

  3. Howdy neighbor! :). I thought that was really neat when I read your post.

  4. Oh wow, your projects are so, so daunting and inspiring to me! Those blankets!! You are an excellent crocheter and colour-chooser, they're all completely amazing and so polished-looking. And I always love to see a good Totoro around, too. ;)


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