Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mojo - Where Art Thou?

For a while now my mojo has been off.  Not that I haven't been crocheting or completing projects; my heart just hasn't been totally in it lately.  And the blog has been neglected.  But I have been doing stuff so I'll show you what I've been up to.

Before and After of refinished dresser for my yarn.
This took some time but in the end really paid off. The branches and flowers are vinyl wall stickers I bought off Amazon and I covered the handles in crochet.  I love the look.
Doris Chan
Lily Chin
I went to the Reno Knit and Crochet Show where I got to take a class with Lily Chin and meet Doris Chan.  The Show was good but the classes were great.  My sister, who knits, met me in Reno and we got to hang out for a couple of days together and that was fabulous.
Autumn and Kiko - Greenville Zoo

Fall for Greenville 
My husband and I have been enjoying our new city of Greenville.  In early October every year they have a great festival on Main street call "Fall for Greenville".  Thirty-eight different restaurants have booths where you can get tasting portions of the menu items for a very low cost.  There was also 6 different stages for music and a beer and wine garden.  It was great and Mike and I enjoyed ourselves a lot!  The other thing that occupied my time a lot (maybe too much) was the web cam our zoo set up while awaiting the birth of the pregnant giraffe.  I watched it for weeks waiting to watch the birth!  ha ha... It was kinda like watching an aquarium, not much happening but very peaceful.  After the hours and hours of watching, I missed the birth because she went into hard labor and gave birth around midnight.  But we now have a baby giraffe called Kiko at our zoo!
Mike and Penny

Lastly, we rescued a great little dog we renamed "Penny".  She's a greyhound/doberman mix and was at the animal shelter for over 3 months.  We have no idea why because she is the sweetest most loving dog.  She is a bit energetic but that works ok.  Mike is a runner and I've been starting to run.  So Penny runs with me for now while she works up the endurance to take on longer runs with Mike.  Isn't she cute!  I have a new model for my crochet items.  ha ha 

Hope all is well with everyone out in internetland.  Take care.

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