Sunday, November 20, 2011

Follow - Up

So, I just read through the blog and noticed that I told you all what I was starting but never really gave you any "after" photos.  So I'll just shut my trap and show you pictures.  Most of us are visual people anyway right?

Done and Done!

Well here I sit on Sunday night exhausted, happy, and just a bit proud of myself.  The craft fair was Saturday and with my fantastic husband's help we did alright.  The dream of selling out did not become reality but wow what a great experience.  I chatted with women who stopped by the table and fingered the items and told me how they/ their mom/ their grandma/ their aunt... crochet too.  What yarns they like and what they make.  And just as I was about to get disappointed (inside) they would tell me how much they liked my work, how even my stitches were and what a great variety of work I did.  No, really, they did.  :)  So even though I didn't come home rich with cash, I came home much richer in spirit.

"Would I do it again?", you ask.  Hmmm.  I'll wait to answer that when my feet stop throbbing.   :)  We would have to make a lot of changes.  Our booth set up wasn't the most pretty and my banner wasn't the right size and I think instead of making things that other people told me sold at craft fairs (hats & wristlets - of which I only sold 1 hat) I would make lots of teddy bears, curly scarfs in lot of shades, and large afghans. And that would mean I have to start now for next year. ha ha

Have you sold at craft fairs?  What did you like best?  What would you do differently?  Did you leave rich in cash or spirit?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Craft Fair

My first craft fair is next weekend and I'm nervous.  And in conjunction with the craft fair, I wanted to have an Etsy shop ready as well as a new Facebook page and Twitter account.  I've also been crocheting my fingers to the bone and working with a graphic artist to come up with my logo.  Well after all these weeks, everything is ready and this weekend is going to spent tying up all the ends.  I'm nervous about it all but very excited for the actual fair.  Have you had a booth at a fair?  Would you do it again?   

I am Human and I Crochet

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