Wonderful Wool

Last week I took a great road trip.  My daughter is enrolled in Syracuse University in New York and she and I drove from South Carolina to New York with a stop in Maryland to visit friends.  We had a great time and as much as I loved having wonderful alone time with my girl, I had a very needed adventure a couple of days later.
One of my coworkers owns a beautiful 100+ year old inn in Vermont.  He invited me to come up and spend a couple of days at their bed and breakfast.  It was AMAZING!! Of course I brought my crochet. I sat in the yard all day and soaked up the sun, view and beautiful peaceful quiet.
The 2nd day I was there I took a bit of a drive and visited Green Mountain Spinnery.  I bought some lovely green cotton/wool blend yarn, some buttons and as an after thought a spool of undyed wool. I'm so excited about the spool and the way the natural coloring of the sheep comes through. I might need to ask my friend to pick up more for me.  :)
I hope your summer was nice and I'll leave you with more pics from my fabulous two days in gorgeous Vermont at the Three Mountain Inn.


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