Done, Doing & Dreaming

So night before last I finished my broomstick scarf, started the next Special Olympic scarf and couldn't get another project out of my head.  Really?  Am I so unfocused that I can't even start a new project without dreaming of the next?  Well I guess I am because... 

I couldn't sleep until I wrote down what I wanted to do.
Doesn't everyone write down what they are obsessing about on a post it note in your bathroom and then attach it to your mirror?  I couldn't go to sleep at night if I didn't have this option.
Then because time is urgent (right?  there was an earthquake here in Baltimore yesterday.. I must crochet faster... the end of times is here) I stopped on my way home and bought this:
Ravens colors for sure.  Next project will be a Stadium blanket in the Ravens colors of purple and black.  And I'm going to try and get a little white in there too but I have to swatch it (which I NEVER usually do) and see if my idea will translate. 
Well I hope you are crocheting away and looking forward to the cooler weather like I am.
- B


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