Just gonna dive in!

Today is the first post to my new crochet blog.  I want it to be great.  I want it to be exciting.  I want it to launch me a new career.  Magically.
But like all good things, one must wait.  And plan. and work hard.

Well, that sounds good but one thing I know for sure.  I am going to be myself.  Silly, loud, sarcastic and funny.  I love crochet and my friends and family don't get it and don't care to hear about it anymore.  Don't get me wrong, they love me and they love what I make but I guess they are tired of hearing me go on about yarn types, stores and how I need to learn more.  So I'm going to talk to the internet.  Hello internet, my name is Becky.  Want to be friends?

Here are the things I want to accomplish this year:
  1. Learn a new stitch
  2. Open an Etsy store
  3. Take better photos of my crochet
  4. Possibly be a part of my local high school's Fall craft sale
But you all are probably wondering what I'm working on.  A friend asked me to make some scarf's for the 2012 Special Olympics and I am only too happy to cross off #1 on the above list by creating a scarf with broomstick lace.  The colors and the yarn type probably aren't the best for broomstick but hey... I learned a new stitch.


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