New Year - New Calendar

Happy New Year! 2012? Wow, how'd that happen?

A new year holds such promise doesn't it? For me it starts when the new years calendars start to show up in stores. Who am I going to be this year? What do I want to inspire me? Every year I amaze myself with how long that inner struggle takes. Now that I really think about it, the calendar for the New Year is always based in what happened the year before or the goals I want to carry me through the next year.
Last years calendar at work was one from the Alzheimer's association and the one at home was a "Get Fuzzy" cartoon one. My father passed away in March 2010 with Alzheimer's at the young age of 72, I needed that calendar as a reminder of him and what I could do to further the fight of a most terrible disease. The cartoon calendar was for my daughter. She graduated from HS and moved to Oregon to volunteer with AmeriCorp for 1 year before going off to college. Guess I wanted her last year at home to be filled with laughter and love.
This years calendars where purchased without thought but now that I'm filling them with info could really only be described as "spot on!". Here's what I bought:


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