The "Other" World of Crochet

I've crocheted for a long time.  My grandmother taught me to chain stitch and oh how I love to make "snakes" with the scraps of yarn she gave me.   She used to make us slippers and the new babies of the family blankets but she mostly worked in thread.  That was my first impression of crochet: slippers, baby blankets and doilies.
GG Bonnie

After I was married, my girlfriends were looking for something to do while the husbands worked or played sports and we decided to have "Super Craft Saturdays".   Sandy taught us all how to crochet and off I went.  Since then I've crocheted afghans, baby blankets, baby sweaters, baby shoes, hats, softies, doilies, a table runner and so on.  I would buy pattern books and occasionally searched online for patterns.
I thought I knew crochet.  :)
This year one of my resolutions was to become more involved in the "craft community".  And since doing so I found Kathryn Vercillo's blog Crochet Concupiscence.  And as I told her today, she has completely opened up a new world of crochet to me!  She has so much information, job postings, yarn reviews, quotes and more!  By far my favorite has to be her weekly crochet artist posts.  Seriously WOW!  This is NOT my grandma's crochet.
I think my favorite so far is Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam and her incredible piece called "Rainbow Net".  Kathryn has also spotlighted Magda Sayeg, Sarah Applebaum and many more.  Go and check them out and find yourself into a new world of crochet!
Toshiko Horiuchi-MacAdam's "Rainbow Net"


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