My Perfect Crochet Day - 3KCBWDAY5

Day 5 for the Knitting and Crochet Blogging Week is supposed to be a challenge day about doing something different. I had so many ideas: doing a video tour of my local yarn shop, a video of me teaching my husband to crochet (what he calls "making knots) and even doing an interview in the point of view of my crocheted teddy bear with my daughter's teddy she's taken everywhere. Yep, lots of ideas and not enough time or I got so bogged down in the details, that I talked myself out of things.
So instead, I'm taking the wild card day; describe my perfect crochet day.
My perfect day would have me staying at a very lovely high end resort or hotel overlooking the ocean or mountains somewhere.

After a lovely sleep, I partake of a wonderful breakfast delivered by room service, on the balcony in a fuzzy robe. Then it's a full day of crochet and reading about crochet.
I'm going to take an idea from Nicole and say that I would take a couple of hours to create lots of swatch squares of stitches I've wanted to learn.
I would spend some time really reading and studying the great book Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook I bought it awhile ago and really want to spend hours taking notes and absorbing as much as possible.
Then it probably would be nice to take a short walk and have lunch outside with crochet in hand. A little crochet outside in the fresh air is something I love to do.

I see myself crocheting and reading all day and possibly finding a new LYC to walk around in without being in a hurry. Maybe my perfect day will coincide with the Knit & Crochet conference in Reno this Fall? Ohhh! A plan!

With love,
Auntie Becky


  1. Ahh such a peaceful day! I do like your idea of being by the ocean too :) Crocheting while on a walk, wonder if that's some sort of multi-tasking that I'm even capable of. If it is, my husband's in trouble because that means I'll take it on hikes now too!


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