Improving My Skillset - 3KCBWDAY6

3KCBWDAY6 - Improving my crochet skills is a big goal of mine. Last year I wanted to learn a couple of new stitches but this year I want to interact! Here are some of the things I would LOVE to do:

Craft Cruise  
There is a craft cruise at the end of May leaving out of Baltimore!  This sounds like a great way to meet people, learn some new techniques and relax all at the same time. I've never been on a cruise but have friends who have been and go back quite often.  Next month's cruise is to Bermuda with The Crochet Dude, Drew Emborsky.  Fun, right?  Unfortunately the timing of this cruise isn't good for me now since we are putting our house up for sale. If anyone else goes, let me know how it was, I would love to hear.

CGOA Conference 
The Crochet Guild of America has two conferences every year, Summer and Fall.
I'm a member of CGOA and just got the schedule in the mail on Saturday.  The summer conference is in Manchester, NH this year at the end of June, beginning of July.  There are a bunch of classes that interest me and the presenters/teachers are a list of who's who!  I planned out my whole schedule and looked up airfare but the summer's conference is going to be out of reach for me. At the end of July, my wonderful daughter and I will be driving across the country from Oregon to Syracuse University in New York. The Fall conference is in Reno, NV, the middle of September.  I'm shooting for  those dates for sure!! We should be moved by then and I will start setting aside time and money to make sure I am there.  Anyone going to either of the conferences?

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival  
Yay!! The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is always the first Saturday and Sunday of May, this year it's the 5th & 6th. And it's just around the corner from my house! I've lived here for almost 10 years and didn't really know too much about the festival until about 5 years ago.  At that time my coworker went and had a great time but I didn't go with her.  The festival is held at the Howard County fairgrounds and is chalk-full of great vendors, good food and sheep!  I am definitely going again this year.  Matter of fact, I had inadvertently made a hair appointment for that Saturday and when I realized what I had done I immediately called the salon and rescheduled.  My plan this year is to go on Saturday by myself to take a bunch of photos and then come home and blog about what's happening.  Then on Sunday, I plan on going back and bringing home lots, and lots, and lots of good stuff.  I hope you all come out and hang out at the festival.  If you want any recommendations for a great place to eat around the area I'd be happy to give you a couple of places.

With love,
Auntie Becky


  1. Have a blast at wool and sheep this year! I can't make it and although I'm kind of bummed, I also know it always comes back and maybe by next year I can rationalize NEEDING more yarn :-P.


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