My Craft Hero - 3KCBWDAY3

Today's post for the 3rd day of Knitting and Crochet Blog week is about our craft heros.  My craft hero is my grandma. I thought about other people who inspire me today with their color and techniques (Lucy-Attic24 or Kristin Omdahl) but then always came back to my loving grandma we came to call GG Bonnie.
GG Bonnie
I've talked before about how it was my grandma who first taught me to chain crochet. We loved it. We would make 'snakes' all the time with her. She knit, crocheted and quilted along with other various crafts. Each one of her grandchildren and great grandchildren were given either a crocheted blanket or quilt as babies. She always had crochet edged dish cloths in her house and lovely crochet doilies on each of her chairs and sofa arms.
GG Bonnie's Crochet
When she passed away at age 93, I remember her oldest great grandchild, Renee, speaking at her viewing about how sad she was because GG Bonnie would have been so proud of how far she had gotten with her crocheted scarf. Grandma had taught a third generation to crochet only several months before.
I love my grandma, she is always with me and is not only my inspiration for my crochet but the person I most inspire to live my life like.

With love,
Auntie Becky


  1. Lovely hommage to your grandma, and beautiful picture oh her. In my case, it was my mom who taught me. But it is so great that we are keeping their art alive.
    Ana BC

  2. It's so lovely reading other peoples' tributes to inspirational family members - so much hidden talent lies in these people with extraordinary gifts. Thank you for sharing. Elizabeth

  3. That's so special. Thank you for sharing that!


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