Astrology and me

Do any of you like to read your horoscope and see how things go? I've always had a bit of the mystic to me and I check in with Susan every month faithfully at Astrologyzone and this month has been kind of spooky dead on. :)
When I last wrote I told you all about being super busy with putting the house on the market and that we had 3 showings the very first day! Well fast forward 2 weeks and I'm here to tell you that we received an offer, countered, got a counter-counter, accepted the offer, and got the OK from my work to work from home, all within 5 days. ;). It gave me an emotional whiplash!
One of the good things about selling so quickly though was that I was able to pull out my crochet and finish the bear I was working on. This was great because a couple of days later we had a party and some of my lovely friends saw my bears and bought 2 for their niece and nephew they were going to see later that day. She said they loved them and the look on the children's faces make me light up inside!

My hubby and I are so excited for our new beginning. We will be moving south to Greenville, South Carolina. People have been asking us how we picked Greenville and long story short, the Internet told us to. :D. Ha ha Really, we had lots of criteria and Greenville seemed to fit the bill.
With love,
Auntie Becky


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