Day 4 - Color Me Curious

Day 4 of Knitting and Crochet Blog (4KCWBDAY4) week has me reflecting on the colors I like to use in my crochet project. When I think about color and crochet I usually think of bright and cheerful colors that evoke fun and merriment. Colors that Helen, from Helen's Colourful Crochet Bloguses. I love the aqua, the pinks, the bright cheery colors she uses.

Helen's Colourful Crochet Blog
Then I start to think of the colors I use; creams, navy, dark green, and reds. Hmmmmm I know I need to branch out and move into a more exciting palette. Let's check my Ravelry project page for colors.

Ha ha - Just as I thought. Lot's of navy, green, cream and I apparently think a golden yellow is a "crazy" fun color because it's the only pop of color around. The colors definitely embody my house mascot as a manatee. They are unflashy and comfortable colors that don't exactly make you want to jump up and dance around. :)
Even this week I'm trying to get more "peacock" like by using beads in my work for the first time but what base color do I choose? Cream.....


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