Day Two - A Mascot Project


So today for the 2nd day of Knitting and Crochet Blog week I want to try to explain how I come up with a project that will reflect my house mascot.  Since I'm not the most original when it comes to my crochet, I don't design my own patterns.  I tend to look for inspiration at my favorite place on the web, Ravelry.
Once logged on, I always head to the "Pattern" search. I start by typing different words that evoke the feeling or memory of something into the search text box   For my mascot, the manatee, I started with the word "splash" and saw what came up.

The variety of things that came up are interesting.  I love the scarf color and pattern of the stitches but since I'm not a fan of wearing them I kept looking.  The blanket with the whale caught my eye. How cute is that?  Should I make an afghan that would evoke the feelings of being overturned in the water?  Should I make it round like that?  Maybe something that would evoke waves?  And with that I'm off.  I will scroll through pages and pages of results looking at the yarn, the colors and thinking of what techniques I haven't done.
I found lots of different ideas that made me think of my manatee experience without making a stuffed animal. :)  Here are a couple of ideas.

I've never made a piece clothing for myself so the vest and the shrug are something I think I should make.  I love the wrap as something that could be done quickly and could have a fabulous drape with a bamboo yarn.   The afghan would also be simple to make and could be made with colors that could look like the green, blues and white of the water.

I have two hanks of Navy blue cotton that I think would be wonderful for the shrug but may make it too heavy. Maybe I'll use it for the wrap? You'll have to come back later to see what I've decided.


  1. Isn't Ravelry great for planning? I really like the dark blue shrug.

  2. Oooh...I love that vest and the color is gorgeous! I've also never made clothing for myself or anyone besides my babies. It is a great goal!

  3. I've only recently made a garment for myself (a V neck sweater) and I can't describe the feeling I had when I put it on for the first time. I think you should treat yourself and make a staple piece you can wear again and again. I really like the royal blue vest.

  4. In light of your exciting manatee adventure, I think it would be appropriate to take a walk on the adventurous side and give one of the wearables a try. My vote would be for the vest... :) I look forward to seeing what you choose. :)


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