Becky's Bears - Oh My

I don't remember if I told y'all about the gym that we're opening here in South Carolina. My dear husband has been working like a mad man getting all the financial and business side of things moving and now we've started the demo and construction of the site. Busy...busy...busy....

Knowing things were going to be crazy this year I decided to just crochet what I wanted, when I wanted. I decided to make the Crochet Sampler Blanket by Marrianne Forrestal with Lion Brand Wool Ease to play with some stitches I've never done. I was intrigued by cables, waves and color work. It was a great project and makes me want to work on other 'sample' type projects.

My neighbor had a little girl in February and I got the itch to make the Angel Wings Pinafore by Maxine Gonser for her new little daughter, Thuli. Cute as a bug isn't she?

I finished another bear too. And as I was finishing her today I thought again about how I would love to make a living, or at least make some retirement income from selling my bears. So I'm going to open my Etsy store again and focus on selling only the bears and see how it goes. No pressure this time, just cute bears. :)


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